Friday, 3 April 2009

Taffia want diaspora vote on Assembly.

I love the Welsh for their sheer Celtic Chutzpah, if you can possess such a quality. They like pushing at the boundaries out there in the west in so many ways. The latest wheeze is to give people with a "partial" connection to Wales voting rights in a referendum on the Welsh Assembly.

This closely reflects an idea Stephen Khan and I first had in the pub when we came down to London. We thought of forming a Scottish exiles party for the Holyrood parliament. It never got past the second pint because we couldn't think of a better slogan than "no tax hypothecation without representation". See, it would never have worked.

But the Welsh are serious about it, or Lord Tristan Garel-Jones is at least. Betsan Powys, BBC Wales's answer to Brian Taylor and my old globe-trotting buddy from Eorpa days, is writing about it on her blog. Betsan dropped in to Room 2 earlier this week, looking fantastic, but before you could say ta ra she was gone again.

Tomos Livingstone on the 07.25 to Paddington has also penned on this, giving it an Alex Salmond slant. I won't even go there.

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