Thursday, 2 April 2009

My cut out and keep G20 jargon buster.

SDRs - Special Drawing Rights. We’re working hard on a pithy definition and will bring this to you shortly. According to Robert Peston, BBC Business editor, the definition is "don't ask".

Sherpas - officials that shuttle from summit talks (geddit?) to communique drafting rooms where an army of scribes draw up the agreement.

Pool spray
- American in origin, half way between a press conference and a photo opportunity.

Renegade - West Wing in origin. President Obama's secret service call sign.

Beast - A cross-breed mammal with strains of Humvee and Essex Hen night limo. Bred as transport for the Main Man.

Groupies - Spain and the Netherlands. Invited even though they are not part of the club

Glamazon - Glamorous, statuesque woman, ie Michelle Obama.

I-pod - Frame for holding photos on the Royal mantelpiece

Communique - Multinational publishing phenomena capable of being read in several different way in several different languages.

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