Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Obama to Britain: "Don't shortchange the future for fear of the present".

Brown and Obama press conference in the Locarno Room in the Foreign Office.

Just back and logged on after the Gordon Brown-Barack Obama press conference which in the eyes of Downing Street, went swimmingly. It was all very friendly, the body language was good, the special relationship is very much on. The two even had a "colgate" moment when they talked about swapping tips about treadmills, that's running treadmills not the daily grind of politics.

Obama, a tall skinny guy like he says himself, looked a little tired round the eyes but he spoke at length, and ponderously. Why use ten words when you can use one hundred seemed to the rule? He praised Brown. The Prime Minister looked like the cat that had been smothered in cream cake. This must have been the political highpoint for him.

Good start and no sign of trouble yet on the streets of what looks like a police state out there. Rushing to PMQs, more later. PS Like the picture?

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