Thursday, 30 April 2009

Gordon Brown’s month of bad movies

Ever felt you're "in the wrong movie, man"? Gordon Brown has appeared in a few turkeys in the last month.

2nd April
Iron Man - superhero G20 action film in which our hero saves the world - for a day.

12th April
All the PM’s men - Damian McBride emails smear Tories and shames Brown.

21st April
Blairwitch Project II - low budget, freakish performance from PM on MPs expenses reform.

22nd April
The Dambusters - budget bombshell 50p tax rate fails to dent national debt.

27th April
The man who wasn’t there - Pakistani president snubs Mr Brown.

28th April
Made in Poland - boring documentary on economics by Polish President.

29th April
The New Avengers - Joanna Lumley and the Gurkhas defeat PM in Commons vote.

30th April
Passport to Pimlico Again - reform on MPs second home allowance dropped from Commons vote.

Coming soon...Summer blockbusters to look forward to:

MPs Expenses II - the scandalising sequel of one million MPs’ receipts being published.

Missing Identity - Cabinet to consider astonishing U-turn on ID cards, saving £2bn

European Cinema season - drubbing for Labour in Euro-poll and local English elections.

Mission Impossible IV - one more plot to replace Brown as PM.

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