Monday, 13 April 2009

Happy Easter Egg

Returning from Lewis we're used to smuggling black puddings through the El-Al training facility that is Stornoway airport security but this time we're back in London with eggs - chocolate easter eggs - the product of the latest venture from Voluntary Action Lewis.

Luxury Venezuelan chocolate easter eggs might not be the first business you'd think of starting in Lewis but why not? The company, set up in an old bakery in Stornoway is a social business that hopes to provide work for up to 15 adults with special needs over the next few years.

The chocolate factory on Westview Terrace is in its infancy so they produced 100 easter eggs as an experiment and through word of mouth had to increase output to 300. When we called on Easter Friday, just as they were closing, Anne Sobey was down to the last half dozen eggs. We took the lot - two white, two dark and two milk chocolate. What's left (they went to worthy causes) I'll take into the Westminster office this morning.

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