Monday, 13 April 2009

Madame Ecosse

Here's a preview of the Madame Ecosse documentary, a biography of Winnie Ewing that's being broadcast on BBC Alba tonight at 9pm and 10pm on Tuesday night. Sky channel 168 and Freesat 160. You can watch it on the BBC's i-Player as well. It seems a fine piece by Ishbel MacIver, and it is planned that it will be re-broadcast on BBC Scotland when Mrs Ewing reaches her 80th birthday in July.

Add - looks like I failed to get that video embedded. Will try again later.


  1. Hey from Melbourne, Australia

    Watched Madame Ecosse on youtube... great to see some old warhorses letting rip + WE paying her respects to Gwynfor Evans, Ishbel should flog the doco to S4C!

    Cofion - le durachd

    Andy Bell

  2. Third time lucky to post a comment...or perhaps bugging you by now.
    Watched madame Ecosse from Melbourne, Australia on youtube...great show.
    Should be sold to s4c...good contributions esp. on Gwynfor Evans.

    Cofion gorau - le durachd

    Andy Bell

    PS Broadford or Bust on youtube??????!!!!