Friday, 3 April 2009

426 days and counting...

The Conservatives have installed a giant blue countdown clock on the wall of the election nerve centre in their London headquarters, I hear.

It is currently set to the last possible day that Gordon Brown can call an election - 10th June 2010 - which is presuming that the PM is playing the long game and that there are 426 days to go.

The clock can be adjusted at a moment’s notice. “It’s just to keep everyone on their toes and serve as a reminder that even if we go a full term there isn’t that long to go until there is an election,” said a Conservative spokesman.

Meanwhile in Scotland Annabel Goldie, the Tory leader, has taken the speaking clock approach, telling East Renfrewshire Conservatives at a lunchtime meeting that they were on “red alert” for an election. “You are now on the front foot campaigning to win a general election and the sooner it comes, the better,” said Goldie.

CORRECTION 29th April - The last possible date for a General Election is Thursday 3rd June 2010 it has been pointed out thanks Lucy. I can't recall if that makes the Tory countdown clock wrong or whether it was my mistake. Probably me.

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