Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Tebbit and Bercow - best of friends

To the Speaker's house for a reception in honour of several spinal injuries charities. Guest speaker - the Lord Tebbit of Chingford. Yes, the same Lord Tebbit who just a few days earlier said that Tories in the Speaker's Buckingham seat would have to cast around for who to vote for.

Bercow, standing as "Speaker seeking re-election" faces a challenge from UKIP's Nigel Farage in his seat and Lord Tebbit said that Tory high command had no right to instruct its supporters to give Bercow a free ride.

It could have made for a tense few glasses of wine last night but Bercow and Tebbit greeted each other like the old friends they are. Tebbit joked that he was surprised his invite to the grand Speaker's state rooms still stood.

Interesting to reflect that Tebbit regarded Bercow as a Tebbite once, cast in his own mould. What a long journey the Speaker has been on from the far right to the Crimson Drawing Room.

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