Thursday, 11 March 2010

Alasdair Roberts and Mairi Morrison

To the bar of the Hackney Empire, the other night, for the musical genius of Alasdair Roberts and the irresistible charm of Mairi Morrison.

Lewis actor Mairi, who is a brilliant singer too, invited me along. Shamefully I arrived too late to hear her impromptu Gaelic set with Roberts.

I've heard the two of them join forces before, at Glasgow's CCA (The Third Eye Centre), and the effect is stunning. Alasdair is an ethereal guitarist and singer, that just clicks with Mairi's strong, bluesy vocals.

There's a plan for the two of them to record together sometime this year. It could be the beginning of something big.

Mairi, who starred in our sitcom Broadford or Bust among other things, just finished with the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Dunsinane at Hampstead Theatre.

David Grieg's play about what happened in Scotland after MacBeth was killed combines history with the current theme of military occupation and the ancient tensions between Scotland and England.

It has a razor wit that cuts both ways so it would be interesting to see which parts a Scottish audience would laugh at.

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