Tuesday, 23 March 2010

In the thick of it, with Peter Capaldi

I'll be Tuckered...Malcolm Tucker (aka Peter Capaldi) makes sure that the Daily Record never again crosses a government Minister

Still recovering - not from the bollocking I got from Malcolm Tucker - but from the excesses of An Lanntair's 25th birthday party last weekend.

Peter Capaldi, actor, director and all round nice guy, was the guest of honour at the Stornoway art gallery bash and couldn't resist slipping into character when he met an "omnishambles" of a lobby hack.

Our own Local Hero, gallery director Roddy Murray, was in a band with Peter all these years ago. They're old friends and if you remember the ceilidh scene in Local Hero, that's Roddy doing the penny whistle solo as the Ace Tones keep the dance going.

Capaldi didn't really give me a cluster**** of expletives - it's acting dahling. He really is the sweetest man in the world.

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