Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Liam Fox takes the High Road to, where are we?

Hello Aberdeen!

Campaign fatigue is already setting in, according to my snouts on the east coast of Scotland.

The following is apocryphal and unverifiable expect that it was all captured on tape for the evening TV news.

Liam Fox, the Conservative Shadow defence minister - who is a Scot - stepped off the Tory campaign bus in Edinburgh today and said how delighted he was to be in - Aberdeen.

On STV news the poor wee soul said: "We're here in Aberdeen South...Edinburgh South even."

This son of East Kilbride (thanks Mark) might have been shamefaced in the capital but what are they going to say about him when he actually gets to Furry Boots City?

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  1. Your research is as bad as his eyesight. He's from East Kilbride, not Edinburgh.