Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Four weeks of polls, pundits and tweets to go

Good to get a reality check this morning while doing some Gaelic radio with Coinneach Mor. We were talking politics and my genial host sighed on behalf of his loyal audience and said do we have to go through four more weeks of this.

Of course I countered that this was the most exciting four weeks of politics in Britain in a generation and that it would be over, and the course of the country mapped out for a decade, in the blink of an eye.

But with the helicopters hovering over St James Park and the entire political and media class watching the wall to wall television coverage of the morning's events (when they're not taking part in it) it is easy to forget that for most people this is just another ordinary day.

Actually, it's the first genuinely warm, sunny day on Thames-side this year so that, at least, augers well for those hundreds of candidates and canvassers on the election trail.

The pundits micro-monitoring the election in the press lobby are giving David Cameron the first round of the campaign. He was out of the blocks and talking, all windswept on the South Bank, while Brown was still sorting out the ranks of ministers for his launch in Downing Street.

Sarah Brown - top tweeter

But first out in the tweet wars is Sarah Brown, the Prime Minister's wife. Having built up a following of over 1 million people on twitter (incredible, 1.1 million actually) she's going to put her pulling power to good effect during the campaign. You can follow her on sarahbrown10

I'm on twitter myself, simply as Torcuil, and I'll cross reference by blogs and any breaking news to my, er, 400 odd followers, there during the next four short/long weeks.

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