Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Debate? Not here says arc of prosperity inventor

Sula Sgeir - epicentre of arc of prosperity, home of the Gazette Guga

All eyes on the Court of Session this afternoon to see if the SNP can force its way onto the final television debate.

With the SNP so keen to be part of the election debate why do I get news from the Western Isles that the nationalist candidate, Angus MacNeil, is refusing to take part in the traditional Stornoway Town Hall hustings?

Apparently the SNP candidate has found the three dates offered for the debate inconvenient? What else is there to do in an election campaign except put yourself in the front of the voters?

Labour's Donald John MacSween says his rival is running scared. The Peoples' Party is thinking of putting a man in a Mirror Chicken suit, like the one that followed David Cameron around, on the SNP's trail.

A man in a "Gazette Guga" suit would do the job better. A guga from Sula Sgeir could help the SNP pinpoint the "arc of prosperity", the soundbite policy that Angus MacNeil claims to have invented while standing on the shore at Ness.

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  1. You of course realise that this hustings was organised by Labour right?

    Lots of balanced questions there!