Thursday, 15 April 2010

Eddie Izzard goes viral for Labour

The webosphere is going crazy over the Eddie Izzard PPB for the Labour Party, which is actually quite good. It ends with a David Tennant voiceover, which raises the question why don't they use the former Dr Who in vision.

Anyway, click on the video if you want to, I only post it so I can retell my favourite Eddie Izzard joke, which I told him when I met him at a Labour conference in Manchester a few years ago:

"Then I spy Eddie Izzard and rush over to share with him my favourite Eddie Izzard gag. Eddie (we're firm friends now) played a gig in Stornoway once and in advance one of the tabloids did the predictable thing and phoned a Free Presbyterian minister for his reaction to this cross-dressing comedian arriving on the "deeply religious island".

Sure enough the paper got their headline, with the Protestant minister slamming Eddie as an "abomination".

The night of the gig, Stornoway Town Hall is packed to the rafters, loaded with expectation. Eddie totters on to the mike, his heels clicking in the tense silence, to deliver a killer opener: "That Reverend John MacLeod, who does he think he is - the Pope."

Eddie laughs, just as the crowd did, even though he's heard the joke before. Anyway, as I was saying to Nancy..."

Update: Whovian Tom Harris, Labour's Glasgow South candidate, informs us that David Tennant was happy to give time to do a voiceover, a matter of minutes, but the busy actor could not commit to a whole day or more to recording an in-vision piece. There's me thinking he was a Timelord.

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  1. Would certainly be interesting to find out how much extra tax Eddie volunteers to pay each year - or is he just another champagne socialist who is generous with other peoples money and expects the plebs to vote his political parasite pals back into power? Rhetorical questions are bloody brilliant.