Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Scottish hedge fund boffin-eating machine

Who was that Hugh Hendry hedge fund monster on Newsnight last night?

The Scottish hedge fund manager ate up the Spanish ambassador and US academic Joseph Stieglitz as if they were kebab and chips after eight pints in a Dumbarton Road pub.

Hendry has bet millions against the Euro, along with other hedge fund managers, bringing Greece to the edge of the financial abyss.

Hendry was quite unrepentant, shutting up the table with lines like: "Hello, can I tell you about the real world."

"Let me tell you," he said. "Greece is a cheat's charter. Greece has debt that is 107% of its GDP." Scary guy but good television.

Greece came up three times at Prime Minister's Questions today. PM wouldn't rule out Britain being part of a bail out for the beleaguered Balkan nation but Downing Street spokesman sees it an issue for Eurozone members at the informal of the EU leaders in Brussels tomorrow.

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