Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Hooray for Dave Cameron's Schooldays

Yahroo! - Tory central office must be trembling in their boots at the prospect of this account of David Cameron's schooldays, to be published by a fellow Old Etonian.

I'm still not convinced this isn't a spoof press release itself but the book - subtitled "sex,lies and caning" - is entirely made up ,especially the bits about being a paparazzo and porn dealer.

But ex-Sun lobby hack and Cameron classmate Bill Coles assures us his novel "may even contain valuable insights" into the mind of the man who could be the first Old Etonian Prime Minister in more than four decades. Somehow, I doubt that.

The real read of the weekend - serialised in the papers anyway - will be Andrew Rawnsley's "The end of the party". This is his bookend to the "The servants of the people" which charted the rise of New Labour. Less fiction, more friction guaranteed by Rawnsley.

For the truth about David Cameron's schooldays read Francis Elliot and James Hanning's biography, "The rise of the New Conservative".

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