Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Nicola - her candour does her some good

This candour bug does seem to be catching. Nicola Sturgeon's apology in the Scottish parliament this afternoon saved her skin, even if it left Alex Salmond scuffed.

Finding herself trapped in a corner she came out with her hands up and said sorry - she admitted she made the wrong call on a matter of judgement. Really, she had no option but it's not often you get any apology in politics and even rarer to see one so well delivered.

She didn't shirk her responsibility, and while sidestepping some awkward questions about why she backed a convicted fraudster in a court appeal, she came across as being genuinely contrite.

Even when offered a club by her own side to beat the opposition she declined, which was a particularly smart move. It was a bravura political performance. This isn't a view universally shared,I know. The Holyrood lobby is, I'm told, divided between admiration and nausea.

I think she'll survive the enemies in front of her for now but it's those behind her she needs to worry about. Having slipped up like that Sturgeon no longer looks like the unassailable inheritor of Salmond's mantle.

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