Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sand, sardines and Stieg Larsson

And I'm back...from my Grand Tour of the Iberian peninsula and onto the "never ending tour" or party political conferences, starting with this early morning train ride to the TUC in Liverpool and finishing in Manchester in a month or so with the Conservatives. Do pity me.

I spent a large part of the break grilling sardines, scrunching sand and reading Stieg Larsson's Millennium thrillers. I've never really had a holiday like that before so I finished it off with some grueling walks in the Pyrennes to restore my presbyterian batteries.

The first two Larsson books are a five hotel floors above your standard thriller and I'd read them now before the third one is released and the film hits the screens.

The tragic story behind the author's posthumous success is well known now but Nick Cohen in the Observer adds some great detail about this best-selling socialist militant. Will the brothers and sisters at the TUC be as erudite and enthralling, I wonder?

Oh, here comes Wigan North West - all change for Liverpool.

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