Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Man in the white suit on South Africa safari

I know people who move to the Highlands are given the derogatory "white settler" label but when Charlie Whelan walked into the TUC media pen wearing a cream linen suit I thought he was taking things a bit too far.

Mr Whelan, once GB's voice on earth now his arm-wrencher in the unions, lives close to the Spey where he takes delight in landing salmon from rain-swollen Highland rivers.

When I had a dig about the white suit quick as a flash he proved he hadn't lost any of his old spin doctoring skills. "Don't write about that, write about my South African tie. It's where I'm going on holiday next summer, won't see many Scots there." Ouch, I think that makes it White Fisherman 1 - Native Pine -0.

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