Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Dog bites man - woman bites back

Harriet Harman's big day at Labour conference is the wrap up speech tomorrow so she might be keeping her best gags for then. I hope there will have to be some overnight work in the joke dpeartment , that joke about the Tory diversity night was soo lame.

She showed some sparkle at the beginning of her speech in the equality debate though, laying into the Sun for picking on her best friend Gordon.

"I am speaking to you this morning about something the Sun knows absolutely nothing about - equality," she told conference. "The nearest their political analysis gets to women's rights is Page 3's News in Briefs.

"We are all angry about the Sun this morning, but I say to you: don't get bitter, get better. Don't get outraged, get out there. Don't get mad, get mobilised.

"Yes, we may be the underdog, but we will not be bullied. This underdog is biting back."

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