Tuesday, 29 September 2009

It ain't over until...

The Labour conference is a bit flat after the “We heart Mandy” moment yesterday. All the talk is about whether Gordon Brown’s speech is “pre-mortem” or “dead man walking” or whether he will be introduced by a fat lady singing.

Alan Johnson and Jack Straw spoke before lunch, not bad speeches with the old wardog Straw edging it in this “contest of the caretakers”.

Straw drew on his greybeard reputation. “I’ve been around for a long time and all my experience tells me - you never write Labour off.”

No idea what Brown’s speech gimmick is going to be - talk of a televised debate has been walked up and down the seafront and is not now in the speech, according to Charlie Whelan.

Anyway in the hall they’ll love it, out there it might make no difference, but one thing seems certain after all these paeans of praise from the cabinet. - Brown is leader until election day or whenever he decides to go. As one of his most loyal supporters told me last night: “We’re stuck with him”.

Have to join the queues of delegates waiting to get into the hall now.

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