Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Brown, the frown and the Current Bun

I was running in to the conference hall early this morning to do some political punditry for BBC Radio nan Gaidheal when word went around that the Prime Minister had come within an inch of exploding in front of Sky's Adam Boulton and had "stormed off" after a BBC interview.

By the time I came out of one radio studio he was in another, sounding tired and fed up with the whole process, conceding to Jim Naughtie that he'd come to a decision on an leaders TV debate but wouldn't let us in on the conclusion.

It had the makings of another bad day for Brown in medialand where his personality and not his policies dominate the agenda. It didn't start well with The Current Bun dropping its support for him, though not whole heartedly embracing David Cameron.

Plenty other stuff out the blogosphere about that turn around which Number Ten is spinning as something that doesn't really matter any more. The Sun always pretends to lead public opinion but really it just uses the old trick of following the public mood and then proclaiming it as it's own.

Alastair (why must he mash the Gaelic (Alasdair) and English (Alistair) spelling?) Campbell has blogged the same line but for the story behind the story, so to speak, it's worth digging out a piece Polly Toynbee wrote in July about the promises David Cameron has already made to Rupert Murdoch. Very perceptive. Read it here.

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