Tuesday, 18 August 2009

New entry at number 37...

Wha-hey -Whitehall 1212 has been included in the top 40 media blogs in Ian Dale's annual list of UK political blogsites.

Okay, so my site creeps in at 37 out of 40, just below Tomos Livingstone's 07.25 to Paddington, but I'm happy enough with that as I didn't canvas for any votes beforehand, or vote for myself either.

The Steamie (20) and Blether with Brian (18) are the other Scottish entries. A special mention to Vaughan Roderick, the Welsh Affairs editor at BBC Wales, whose entirely Welsh blog is rated ninth in the league table. (Niall, cait a bheil thu?)

This week Whitehall 1212 has also been honoured, along with Kevin Schofield of the Record, by being added to Tom Harris's blogroll over at And another thing. It's all too much, blub, ...I'd like to thank my producer, my mother...blub, and Ian Dale.

Breaking news - Tom Harris has been voted Number 1 in the list of Top 30 MP blogs.

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