Monday, 27 April 2009

MPs expenses - Brown to wave white flag?

The row over what expenses to replace with what expenses continues to rumble on into another week here at Westminster. It looks like a new compromise might be on offer from Gordon Brown by the end of the day.

Mr Brown's idea of a daily allowance in exchange for turning up just isn't getting any traction at all, even with his own backbenchers. Nick Clegg, perhaps anticipating a new deal, has put forward a simplified set of proposals - bareboard rent or mortgage interest payments plus council tax - which might look more acceptable.

I've mentioned before that Labour backbenchers are also angry about the transfer of their staff to the Westminster pay roll without so much as a breath of consultation. One told me that if a private company had announced a transfer of employees conditions by You Tube the government would have expressed outrage. Tupe by youtube is what they're calling it.

My own personal expenses dilemma. The oven has packed in at home. A replacement from John Lewis will cost over £400. If I could claim that on expenses. would I?

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