Sunday, 28 September 2008

Tory shortbreads from Birmingham.

We’ve all been there before. The countdown to a live television interview by the canalside in Birmingham and the cameraman asks Annabel Goldie to “take a step backwards”. Eeek, is all the leader of the Scottish Tories can summon in response.


Cross-dressing comedian alert - after last week’s encounter with Eddie Izzard who should be on the train to Birmingham but Paul O’Grady, looking very dapper and Ealing Comedy in an off white(beige really) suit. For some reason I’m only reminded of this encounter when I spy Bill Walker, former Perth and Tayside MP in the conference hall resplendent in his kilt. He could teach these boys a thing or two about dressing to look manly.


Quote of the day, from “David”, a pensioner invited onto the platform with George Osborne to discuss the economic crisis. “ When I ran a small business I went to the bank with a business plan. Now I look at the banks and I wonder if they have a business plan.”

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