Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The party is so over- Tories Day 3

The Milibanana stands, life sized portraits of the Foreign Secretary that were used by the Tories to lampoon his leadership chances and to give away free bananas at their conference have now been withdrawn to match the new sombre mood sweeping the gathering.

Some journalists have snatched the remaining Milibananas, presumably to auction them on e-bay when the economic storm gets really tough. The bananas themselves have been put to good use though, recycled and redacted as fruit smoothies for members of the press.


My old Sunday Herald snapper colleague Chris Furlong, now with Getty Images, has just found the shot that sums up the day. It's an image of crate after crate of empty champagne bottles out the back of the Birmingham Conference centre. I didn't think we drank that much last night. You can see Chris's work on www.gettyimages.com/editorial

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