Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Scotch on the rocks

Finally make it down to the water’s edge for a dawn paddle only to be confronted by the Guardian’s answer to Adonis, Michael “Phelps” White, emerging from the ocean. Scooped again! But the water was fine and the most enlivening thing in Bournemouth since Tavish Scott’s speech.

Continuing the nautical theme the Scottish Lib Dems trooped down to the Bournemouth pier at 9am for a photo opportunity aboard the Waverley paddle steamer, which is plying southern waters far from its Clyde base.

Tavish was left high and dry though because there is no sign of the Waverley. It has apparently hit a rock called the Isle of Wight. Diligent research reveals that the Waverly actually bumped into Worthing pier, along the coast. The good news is that the pier was unaffected.

10.30 newsflash - the Waverley has arrived at Bournemouth, all paddles blazing, but it’s too late. Tavish Scott is holding a press briefing and a conference debate has started - on transport.

Newsflash 2 - the press conference is postponed as phones go crazy over the rumoured resignation of Scotland Office Minister David Cairns. It’s Scotch on the rocks in Bournemouth and Whitehall.

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