Monday, 4 October 2010

Tory conference - sunny side up?

Still wondering what the game plan is for the Tory conference, which is now into it's second day. David Cameron must have been really stung by Ed Miliband's taunt that he "was the optimist once" because he spent most of his Sunday morning, and all his weekend print interviews, trying to persuade us that it was sunny side up from now on and that Britain's economy was out of the danger zone.

There was no sign of Ken "Bagpuss" Clarke, one of the Conservative's party's most successful (lucky) chancellors, agreeing with him. He still fears a double dip recession which could be brought on by any number of factors.

But George Osborne, while he was announcing the end of universal child benefit this morning, also insisted that Britain was out of the danger zone.

I noticed Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley picking up on the "pessimism" line that Milband planted last week while interviewing Osborne. Mmm, it seems to be getting some traction.

Certainly plenty pessimism out there in the country Just anecdotal evidence here in Birmingham, where the media army regrouped for a final conference, brought news of three redundancies among friends and colleagues last week.

You'd think the Conservatives would spend the week toughening the nation up, not softening them up, for the cuts which are to come. Of course, I'm getting ahead of myself here - George Osborne has still to address conference this morning.

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