Thursday, 14 October 2010

Cam and Petraues to discuss Norgrove death

The death of Linda Norgrove, the Scottish aid worker killed in Afghanistan during a failed rescue attempt last Friday, will be discussed in Downing Street this afternoon when US General David Petraeus meets with Prime Minister David Cameron.

Petraeus is due at 3pm, and while there will be pictures of the arrival there will be no press conference. Downing Street assure us that the case of Linda Norgrove will be discussed during the long-scheduled meeting and that we will be given a read-out later.

It was Petraeus who called Downing Street in the early hours of Monday morning to tell the Prime Minister that initial claims that Linda Norgrove had been fatally wounded when one of her captors set off a suicide bomb belt were incorrect.

It seems more likely, from video evidence, that Dr Norgrove was caught in a blast when a US Seal threw a fragmentation grenade into the compound which exploded next to her.

The Foreign Office and Downing Street and will not be commenting on the Guardian's detailed account of the US special forces raid and are maintaining silence on the repatriation of Linda Norgrove's body.

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