Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Scotland grant in UK spending league table

Here's the league table of the departmental winners and losers from today's Spending Review. The figure show how much each is gaining or losing in real terms (i.e. taking inflation and so on into account) between now and 2014-15.

It shows is that Scotland receives the 6th best deal and 4 of the 5 Departments that fair better spend money in Scotland (DfiD, DECC, DWP and MoD).

The Scottish Government budget is calculated using the Barnett Formula. Decisions by the UK Government such as protecting NHS spending in England and investing billions in the pupil premium in English schools have helped to increase Scotland’s overall budget allocation.

Int Dev 34.2%
Energy and Climate 16.2%
Work and Pension 1.5%
NHS health 0.3%
Defence -7.3%
Scotland -10.6%
NI -10.7%
Education -10.8%
Wales -11.4%
Transport -14.6%
HMRC -16.3%
Culture, Media -21.1%
Law Off Dept -22.0%
Home -25.2%
Justice -25.3%
Foreign -26.0%
CLG Local Goct -26.8%
BIS -28.5%
Env, Food and rural -30.9%
CLG Com -67.6%
TOTAL DEL -11.1%

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