Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Leadership latest - Tories back Ed the Younger

Almost everyone's mind is made up on the Labour leadership but when the five candidates appeared at the TUC last night for another hustings it was standing room only.'Elf and Safety monitors blocked your correspondent from attending.

More interesting than what any of the famous five had to say is what Tory high command is praying for a week Saturday. Philip Stephens, writing in the FT, offers an insight into Conservative thinking.

He writes: "Ed, the younger Miliband, who could yet win as everybody's second choice, has offered mostly mush – policies and promises calculated to make the party feel good about itself and about his candidacy. Few of the voters who deserted Labour at the election will be persuaded by a declaration that he was against the Iraq war ...

"By choosing David Miliband, Labour would be saying it wanted to win back England's aspirant classes – that it was still serious about power. But the party's heart could yet rule its head. Mr Clegg – and Mr Cameron – are cheering on the younger of the two brothers."

As Dennis Skinner said, it's David the Tories fear.

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