Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Davidson steals PMQs from defensive Clegg

Happy Birthday to Ian Davidson MP and congratulations on bringing some wit and cheer to what was in danger of becoming a sombre and dull Prime Minister's Questions.

The Glasgow South West MP encapsulated his favourite themes - defence jobs in Govan, his renowned anti-Europeanism and his own cheeky self - in a great off the cuff question to Nick Clegg, who stood in for David Cameron while the Prime Minister attends his ailing father.

Davidson raised an immediate laugh when he asked if the Deputy Prime Minister was aware that today was his birthday.

He went on: "Would he agree to give me a present of a couple of aircraft carriers. None of your foreign rubbish, I want British ones, and I don't want to have to share them with some French bloke. If he had it Monday to Wednesday and I had Thursday to Saturday and we share weekends we'd have to get the permission of the Child Support Agency if we wanted to make any change to that."

He finished with a flourish: "All of this could be paid by cutting our contribution to the European Union."

The Lib Dems, anxious about the performance of their golden boy, and even the grouchiest of Tories had a laugh at that.

Clegg was happy to give him a gift but not quite in the size or shape he had requested.

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