Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Hands off 'wur Airfix aircraft carriers

Well, Ian Davidson MP did ask for two aircraft carriers, "and none of your foreign rubbish", for his birthday last week at Prime Minister's Question Time. It now looks as if his wish, or at least half of it, has been fulfilled by Shadow Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy.

The campaigning pair were on College green earlier today with the Airfix solution to the Defence Spending Review which threatens the £5bn carrier contract.

The issue was raised at PMQs again this week, by new MP Tom Greatrex, who asked for a meeting on concerns that the carriers contract will be cut or axed all together.

Cameron batted that one to the MoD - "a snub" shouted Labour - and Michael Moore, the Lib Dem Scottish Secretary, went and spoke to Defence Secretary Liam Fox (another Scot) about the defence industry.

There's going to be a lot of dancing around these carriers over the next few weeks until the Defence Review is published.

The carriers are something of a cause celebre for Davidson. When the Herald's Mike Settle, sketched last week that the Glasgow MP must go to sleep in his aircraft carrier pyjamas, reading aircraft carrier weekly, he couldn't have imagined how close to he was to the truth. Someone only went out and bought the MP carrier patterned pjs - or so he claims anyway.

Personally I'd need the proof. I think we have to see a picture of Davidson doing a jig in his carrier bedwear when he finally saves the two carriers for the Clyde.

UPDATE: Davidson does have two aircraft carriers. The other model is kept in his constituency office because, as he said today, after Pearl Harbour no two aircraft carriers should be moored in one port ever again. Still no news on the pyjamas though.

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