Friday, 23 July 2010

What next - a US boycott of Scottish food?

Will the senators empty chair MacAskill and Straw next week? Will there be demands for sanctions against Scottish goods, like the "freedom fries" campaign against France during the Iraq invasion?

As it’s Friday, I’ll take the opportunity to republish that full US Homeland Security list of boycotted Scottish products and the advice on how Americans ought to order them in restaurants during the Edinburgh Festival.

Scotch Product - Suggested ordering technique

Scots Porridge - Afghan muesli

Arbroath Smokie - Arbroath smoking gun

Otacakes - Taliban biscuits

Scottish salmon fishcakes - Pinko burgers

Forfar Bridies - IEDs

Haggis and Neeps - Baghdad dhal

Scotch Whisky - Humvee fuel

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