Thursday, 29 July 2010

Miliband remembers he's shadow Foreign Sec

David Milband has finally got his act together on the Cam diplomatic row, having spend more than two hours this morning (two hours!)in a radio debate with the other Labour leadership candidates.

Milband's best attack line on tv just now: "There is a fine line between speaking your mind and being a loudmouth"

David Miliband says that when Cameron doesn't have an autocue he is only able to tell half the story and that it is not good "that a British PM has to come on the BBC after a press conference to explain what he really meant". (See my previous post)

Milband senior is shaping up as leader in waiting, it has to be said. He's distinguished himself this week as the only one of the candidates to send a message out to the wider electorate in this interminably long selection process.

His move to sign up Gillian Duffy, maligned by Gordon Brown as a "bigot", to his campaign was clever, sending out the message "I listen" and "I'm not the other guy" to the thousands of Gillian Duffys that support Labour and the Tory party across the UK.

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