Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Michael Moore - if you passed him in the street...?

I did wonder at Prime Minister's Questions today whether Michael Moore has yet realised that he is actually a member of the cabinet.

He stood at the bar of the house, the far away end from the Speaker, and then popped up again behind the Speaker's chair, at the other end. As Secretary of State for Scotland he should be sitting on the front bench along with his Tory cabinet colleagues.

But then it seems he's not alone in forgetting that he is a Minister. The Times newspaper devoted a page today to civil service cuts and illustrated the story with one of these generic pictures of people walking up and down Whitehall. The caption reads: "...tens of thousands of civil servants lose their jobs"

But wait a minute, who's that in the front of the picture texting while walking up the most famous street in politics? It's none other than Scotland's man in Dover House, Michael Moore - totally anonymous.

Of course the Times is now locked behind a paywall so I can't refer you there but hats off for a great spot by Alex Barker at the FT Blog

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