Thursday, 14 January 2010

If Robbie Burns played football...

Philosophy Football, suppliers of t-shirts to the political classes, has brought out a Robbie Burns shirt to coincide with the Bard's 251st birthday.

Selected for the Philosophy Football T-shirt squad just in time for Burns night is Robbie's poetic tribute to the benefits of fair play.

You can see the navy shirt on their website with the immortal script:

"The honest heart that's free frae a' intended fraud or guile. However fortune kick the ba', Has ay some cause to smile."

There's Burns 25 on the back which would make it a good shirt for Malcolm Burns, of Sy and Glasgow, or Jimmy Burns, recently of the FT, or anyone for that matter who wants to combine poetry, politics and punting a ball up the field.

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  1. cheers torcuil! and all best in new job.

    Malky x