Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Ice Plot thickens

Coming up to 3pm in the Polar Plot. Shaun Woodward, a former Tory now Northern Ireland Minister is on TV defending Mr Brown. Is that the best they can do, we ask? He's actually booked on to speak about Northern Ireland anyway.

Woodward has a point - the country will be simply astonished (and probably dismayed) at the behaviour of the plotters.

Brown's convoy has just left the Commons after two hours and fifteen minutes of what is being described as crisis talks, by the Standard's Paul Waugh.

In other swirling the snowflakes fall etc (take in colour)..Jack Straw is said to be ready to lead the rebuttal operation and Peter Mandelson is due on Newsnight tonight. I had planned to go to the cinema, but hey ho.

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