Friday, 8 January 2010

Court news and traffic violations

As if Steve Hilton, the Tory's top spin doctor, wasn't embarrassed enough to have news of his rail barrier rage arrest in, er, October 2008 reported in the prints today he also woke up to find he'd been caught in a classic Daily Mirror "berk on a bike" sting.

The Mirror followed Hilton, lampooned as the balding, bearded, gobblydeegook, Tory spinner in "The Thick of it", through eleven red lights this week as he cycled to work. They've done this before to other "cyclopaths" like Boris Johnson and David Cameron.

My immediate reaction (apart from they'll have to do better than that) is hats off to Hilton for cycling through London this week. It is baltic out there and when you get to Westminster the place is as draughty as Hamlet's Elsinore.

In other court news Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman has been fined £350 and had three points put on her licence for careless driving following a minor scrape in Dulwich last summer. Remember the Mail on Sunday turned it into a "you know who I am" Haradan incident that had the local MP leaving the scene, driving while using her mobile phone and facing a firing squad in the morning. All these charges were dropped.

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