Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Spectator's "Cameron Highlanders"

Interesting piece by Fraser Nelson in this week's Spectator magazine, contemplating the relationship between a putative Prime Minister David Cameron and Scotland.

It has all the usual stuff about Cameron's gateway to Scotland being deer-shooting on Jura and notes, as Mike Settle did in the Herald some weeks ago, that 46% of new Tory candidates are not"uncomfortable" with Scottish independence.

You might disagree with the Spectator line on lots of things but Fraser is worth reading on this (and other subjects) because he is regularly invited to sit around the campfire by the Cameroons and he understands Scotland inside out.

Being Fraser, he brings gifts for everyone, even the Scottish Labour party. His line about the SNP being the "Cameron Highlanders" - "political mercenaries fighting Labour in its Celtic homeland" - is a turn of phrase that's bound to replace Labour's threadbare "Tartan Tories" jibe.

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