Monday, 22 September 2008

Scottish red eye dawn

Just out of the Iain Gray speech which took place at a bleary eyed 9.35am. Mr Gray had a train to catch so I had to bolt my Loch Fyne kipper breakfast and get over to the conference centre pronto. If you think that was early I see my old West Highland Free Press comrade, Brian Wilson, was due for an 8am appearance on the fringe to talk about food air miles. As the skipper Para Handy would say, "That's devotion for you".

It was a bit early for a rallying call to the Glenrothes ramparts but Iain Gray had a go anyway and he had one or two lines that will resonate beyond the party faithful. Here's the distilled soundbite version of what he said:

"In 1979 nationalist MPs opened the door and ushered Margaret Thatcher in to power. Thirty years later, and Nationalist MSPs are dusting off their doorman's cap, hoping to do David Cameron the same favour."

"Scotland's greatest resource is not its finite oil reserves. It is the limitless reserve of our people's potential.

"The people of Scotland don't want independence. They want the best chance to take the opportunities being part of Britain presents. They want a strong Scottish Parliament, standing up for Scotland's interests within the UK."

11.09 update - Rust never sleeps. The SNP have press released a comment on the "poorly attended" attended Iain Gray speech. What are they talking about, I saw at least one Labour MSP there and two Scottish MPs there?


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