Monday, 1 September 2008

Back on the croft

Decca Aitkenhead has popped up on the Guardian website with her account of the circumstances of the now famous interview with the chancellor.

"He seemed unfamiliar with the trick of appearing to open up without really saying anything," writes Aitkenhead. "Having decided to be more forthcoming, I think he was unsure about how to judge where to draw the line. He basically just told the truth - and far away from Westminster, it didn't seem that shocking."
Poor Darling, his comments are now being blamed for everything - from undermining the Prime Minister's Autumn relaunch to causing the pound to slide to a record low against the Euro and a two year low against the dollar.
Meanwhile UK mortgage approvals fell 71% in July, the the lowest level since records began 15 years ago, according to the Bank of England. None of this bode's well for tomorrow's relaunch aimed at reviving the housing market.

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