Monday, 8 September 2008

Not the Labour leadership contest

Good to see that not all Labour politicians are up in Birmingham today. Denis MacShane, one time Europe minister and keen europhile is down in Brighton after defending David Miliband and boxing Derek Simpson’s ears on air and this morning in a blog.

Heavy stuff, particularly on how the Foreign Secretary is denounced as a “Jew” in Moscow, but MacShane retains his dark sense of humour.

How do things stand in the leadership stakes, the press pack ask MacShane as he wanders the media centre at the TUC conference? “Pretty grim,” replies MacShane with mock gloominess. “The Social Democrats in Germany have just dumped their leader and are getting their Foreign Secretary to stand as Chancellor in next year’s elections.”

It takes a second for the penny to drop. “I’m just telling you the facts, telling you the facts,” says MacShane holding his hands up and smiling.

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