Monday, 3 May 2010

"It was me and my Da against the world"

Apparently it's Bank Holiday sunny in Glasgow today, though it feels like February on the banks of the Thames.

If you're at a loose end on the Clyde, wondering when you'll get round to washing the windows, you could do worse than listen to Robert Carlye's incredible podcast about growing up in Glasgow that's on the Daily Record website today.

There's an edited version in the paper but Carlye telling his own childhood story - abandoned by his mother at the three, of growing up in destitution with his father as life unraveled - makes for a very moving memoir. "It was me and my Da against the world," he says.

Carlye takes you on journey from the east end of Glasgow to the west, and from there to London and Brighton, weaving in how all that happened informed his work from Full Monty to Hamish MacBeth.

I don't often hang around for the duration of podcast but this is worth the listen all the way to the end, even the sentimental parts. And this is not a plug for the paper, or Johnnie Walker who sponsor the series, it's just a signpost to an extraordinary story.

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