Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Plot melting away

I've gone through a list of all the cabinet members and Harriet Harman and David Miliband, the two most likely to take over from Gordon Brown, have still to add their names in support.

There was a hiatus this afternoon, while people were watching and waiting, when the big beasts could have moved. That it took them so long to endorse Mr Brown indicates that there was a wobble inside the cabinet.

Oh - Harman has just issued a statement of support and a "friend" of David Miliband has said this is not going anywhere. It's all over then at 6.18pm. The Snow Plot has been a slushy coup.

How different it could all have been in tomorrow's headlines. As Kevin Mcguire points out over at the Mirror - Brown brilliant at Question Time, a Sun poll (the Sun mark you) showing the gap narrowing and the Spectator cover (the Spectator mark you) mocking Cameron for having no policies of his own. Instead it's coup and counter-plot with Mandelson still to put all the children to bed on Newsnight later.

Is Gordon Brown the unluckiest politician of his generation? You bet.

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