Friday, 8 January 2010

Iceland, Ireland and points in between.

Not that old joke but if you want to follow the news on the constitutional crisis in Iceland and the political crisis in Northern Ireland I recommend two top blogs.

Slugger O'Toole has been running a politics blog the way politics blogs ought to be run for quite a few years covering events north and south of the border.

The Iceland Weather Report sometimes does what it says on the tin and gives you the windspeed in Iceland. More often this cool site comments on the political temperature and, I suspect, unsettles anything that might look like a cosy, let's sweep this under the carpet too, concencus that afflicts communities where everyone knows your name.

And speaking of bold journalism did you read Nick Cohen over Christmas on Gerry Adams and the IRA? Strong stuff. That's enough click throughs to other people's sites for one day.

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