Monday, 20 July 2009

Lobster recipe.

I got my lobster (see earlier post), from a small boy in a boat at Badachro who had dollar signs in his eyes when he saw me approaching.

As they say in all the good recipes. "First, catch your lobster". I sent a text to several friends asking for tips on what to do next if you had a lobster in the car boot. The responses were as varied as the fish in the sea and would make for a great food magazine feature.

"Boil alive and then remove meat and saute in a little butter. Use shell for stock" was the most pretentious - sent by someone who likes eating lobster but has never cooked one in his puff.

Roger, as usual, gave the best advice: "Boil is easiest and safest. For five mins. Then break em open". Which is precisely what we did. De-lish.

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