Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Tom Harris MP - the blogging buccaneer.

As I left the Commons last night, ruminating on Tom Harris's rather pointed question to the Prime Minister - "So answer me this, Gordon: Why do you think Cameron wants you to remain in post?" - I bumped into one of the Conservative spokesmen.

"He's survived," I said. "Oh yes, I'm happy with that," said the Tory.

I wonder what the blogging buccaneer of Glasgow South would make of that comment? I wonder too if his blog, one of the most candid and entertaining of MPs' online efforts, is what left him in a frame of mind to speak out?

Through his blog Harris is effectively in touch with the electorate two or three times a day, or more, updating them on his thoughts and opinions.

As a result he might have found it more difficult than his peers to maintain a silence on the leadership issue or to make a strangulated show of support during the event and then face his blog followers afterwards.

Is blogging the political antidote against hypocrisy. Tom, discuss?

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