Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Singapore Sling

A day later and I'm at Singapore airport en-route to Brisbane and Melbourne. That's right the story goes one way, Gordon Brown in Washington, and I go the other. Always happens to me.

I'd forgotten just how big the globe is, or has it expanded since the last time. I left home on Monday morning at 10am, by my reckoning it is now 6am Tuesday morning in the UK and I still have seven flying hours to go. I've bumped into this internet access in the transit lounge but I don't expect to be across the news for the next week or so.

Mike Settle is in Washington for the Herald and he'll be blogging on as if there is no tomorrow, which when you're working across timezones and deadlines, there isn't, if you know what I mean. Mmm, I've been flying too long. Right, back on the plane. See you on the beach (which was the title of a post-apocalypse movie set in Australia, as I remember).

Update: Just checked Mike's blog and it's West Wing boxed set with extras! He's actually in the Oval Office. I see now, from a distance of 4000miles, that he tricked me into taking this freebie to Australia just to get me out of the way. Mikeavelian, that's his new nickname.

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