Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Crichton voted onto Stornoway Trust.

Oh how annoying to have a sibling who is better looking and more popular than you. Nonetheless, congratulations to my brother, Donald, who was last night elected as a member of the Stornoway Trust, the community-run estate on east coast of the Isle of Lewis.

The ten-strong board of trustees - which runs the 68,000 acre estate including the town of Stornoway and the crofting parishes round about - is elected on a rolling basis every three years, with each of the trustees serving for six years.

Domhnall came in fourth in a slate of 11 candidates with 1630 votes. The top five are elected to join the Trust. He follows in the footsteps of our father, the late John Crichton, who served on the Trust for 24 years, six of them as chairman.

Everyone stands as an independent in the Trust elections in which about a third of the Lewis population is eligible to vote. The themes of this quiet election were renewables and a campaign by Stornoway Golf Club, one of the Trust tenants, to allow members to tee off on a Sunday. Five candidates were seen as backing that stance. My brother, a church elder, is against.

The result, as I read it, was 3-2 in favour of keeping the Sabbath ban which, courtesy of the ballot box, is probably as good a reflection of Lewis opinion on the matter as you'll get.

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  1. Have you the full results, Torcuil? Our useless local media have nowhere posted any details online.